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Canadian Natural Health Products Under Attack

As we approach the end of summer and a new Parliamentary session, I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you.

In recent months, I have heard from many Canadians about the federal government’s tightened regulations around Natural Health Products (NHPs). NHPs include things like vitamins, dietary fiber, natural toothpaste, and probiotics. Many Canadians feel that this is an unfair attack on the health industry and Canadians who chose NHPs to improve their health.

Canadians stand to lose access to the health supplements they choose to use as a result of added red tape and more bureaucratic gatekeeping. Other NHPs will now cost more due to the added burdens and fees on the health industry.

Most importantly, existing regulations are sufficient in keeping Canadians safe.

We continue to raise real safety concerns that the government should focus on: tax-funded opioids and the broken bail system.

At a time when violent crime rate is soaring and opioids are killing more Canadians than ever before, we need our federal government to take clear action to keep repeat violent criminals off our streets and stop funding the distribution of dangerous drugs.

Business owners and Canadian consumers don’t need more bureaucracy and higher costs. What they need is a government who fixes real problems with common-sense solutions.

Canadians need safe streets, affordable treatment options for their loved ones, and affordable living.

Together, we can make it happen.