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Support our Conservative plan to fight crime

For nine years, Justin Trudeau’s Government has failed to keep Canadians safe. Under Liberals, extortion has skyrocketed by 218 percent and violent crime is up by almost 40%.

This surge in crime is a result of 9 years of Liberal policies that make it easier for gangsters and extortionists to avoid jail time and re-offend.

It was Trudeau’s Bill C-5 and Bill C-75 that eliminated mandatory jail time for extortion with a firearm and made it easier for repeat offenders to get back onto our streets. Trudeau’s approach has unleashed crime and chaos in our once-peaceful towns and suburbs.

Canadians shouldn’t have to live like this.

Our Common Sense Conservative plan aimed to keep extortionists and gangsters off our streets with stronger mandatory prison time. Unfortunately, the Liberal-NDP coalition voted against it, allowing extortionists back into our communities so they can continue to exploit Canadians for their illegal activities and financial gain.

Canadians now know that only a Common Sense Conservative Government will bring home safe streets by delivering jail, not bail, for violent repeat offenders.

We will undo the damage that Justin Trudeau caused and make sure that those who terrorize our communities are penalized for their crimes.

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